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BILGE.WORLD runs atop a very up-to-date, super-compromised connected WordPress installation wearing a modified version of Atomic Blocks.

In keeping with my loyalty to Compaq, I have stolen a portion of its typography from IBM corporate.

Other featured fonts are open source and free for anyone to uses via Google Fonts: Source Sans Pro Inconsolata

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by David Blue horns down June's gulley were the Wicca of my little abdomen, predominant of age

ever I dreaded the wait's weight so crushing on that island of a lot that is really amany, but my memory…

how many times would little me imagine me now, remembering?

how would we - before the gulley - become so bleak as to miss completely the words spoken to stay so long?

the fear of impermanence the visceral reality the simple notion:

nothing is forever nor can it be nor should it

by David Blue

clever in sharp through it all my holy communion my reference tradition now sometimes witnessed and lamented if only all these had been told shut out! shut up! just listen

my companion met me two nights in a row in front of the Heidelberg and said twice she loves me and of course it's like me to begin to read in but when nobody else does, she loves me I don't quite note his particular personification

more impressively trained, definitively with a stack of charts – some his – on his noggin but when he'd finally play, I'd pity because he must ask first and his fingers are well-read but they must ask first and every little passerby draws away his eye so delicate, his attention for she that loves him